Friday, November 14, 2008

Courting Ends Not With The Knot

I've often heard so many people commenting about me and my wife looking like we're having so much fun with each other... and we just simply answer back, "It's because we are..."

I may not be an expert on marriage and it's intricacies, but I can safely say that for a couple to enjoy a wonderful relationship, we need to know that courting doesn't stop with getting married.

My wife and I work shifts and oftentimes we don't get to see each other... wonderful technology gave us a means to stay in touch with a short "I love you..." and "I miss you" SMS but we still try to find some ways to leave post-its all around our house saying sweet things to each other. Now that our kids are a bit bigger, they get to read these notes as well, and they also get to share in the feeling of being loved.

Yesterday, cheesy as it may sound, I asked my wife... "Are you free this coming Sunday? I'd like to take you out on a dinner date..." She accepted.

I still pick up my wife from work with a bundle of roses in my hand... something that her officemates talk about a lot.

And one time (last February), I even eloped with my wife to Baguio. I picked her up from work at 11PM, and she was all but surprised to see me with a duffel bag filled with 3-days worth of clothes. She was more surprised when we ended up in a bus going to Baguio. Hehe...

So I guess, the lesson of this story is, it doesn't really take much to make a relationship special. We just don't take it for granted. Just because we have each other at one point in time, doesn't mean that we should think that we would have each other ALL THE TIME. Feel each moment spent together as if tomorrow won't come again. Treat each other as the most important person in each other's lives. And "wag magsawa sa panliligaw."

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Leslie Ann said...

awwww...makes me want to cry....ang sweet!